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Can I change the format of the Home Page?
Ноя 22 2005 г., 07:58
Yes, and it is very easy to do. The formatting of the Home Page -- the number of columns, the number of articles, etc. -- is controlled by the Parameters tab found on the Main Menu Item "Home". GoTo: MENU>MAINMENU and select HOME. In the right column you will see the Parameters...
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Can users edit content from the front end?
Ноя 22 2005 г., 02:49
Yes, if they are registered users who are logged into the system, and if you have given them permission. There are three user levels which have this power:
  • Author - This group allows a user to post content, usually via a link in the User Menu.
  • Editor - This group allows a user to post and edit any content item from the Front-end.
  • Publisher - This group allows a user to post, edit and publish any content item from the Front-end.
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Can I show different users different content?
Ноя 22 2005 г., 02:16
Within limits. The Mambo User Manager currently only supports a few levels ("groups") of users. You can show different content to different groups, but you cannot show each individual user a unique set of content. Put another way, every user in the group will see the same content as the other users in the group. If you really need this functionality, there are some third party components which add additional flexibility.
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How do I keep track of security advisories?
Ноя 22 2005 г., 02:08
Visit the Forums regularly and subscribe to the Mambo Security Announcements mailing list.
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How do I secure my Mambo site?
Ноя 22 2005 г., 02:06
A simple question with a complex answer! It is complex because security issues arise from a variety of sources: your code, your server, the other things running on your server, the users, etc. While Mambo itself is relatively secure, you may still experience problems if the server is compromised or if a user gives up a password. The basic steps you should take however include:
  • Do not unnecessarily leave directories open with CHMOD set at 777 (configuration.php in particular should be set to chmod 644)
  • Delete your old installation directory (don't just rename it!).
  • Implement HTTP access controls for your admin login.
  • Make all your admin passwords at least 8 characters and containing symbols and numbers as well as letters.
There's more that you can do, but it is outside the scope of this FAQ.
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