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Getting Started

:: Explanatory Note -- This set of content items is being used to demonstrate one way to order content logically and display it on the page. You see here an example of a "flat" hierarchy of content. There is only one level of content items, so we created a Section named "Getting Started" and then we created within that Section a Category with the same name ("Getting Started"). We loaded the content items into the category and then created a Main Menu item named "Getting Started". When we created that Menu Item we chose the "Table - Content Category" format option, which gives us the table layout containing the content items, below. On the Content Items in this Category we have used the Content Items Parameters tab to enable the Item Rating option. Note the Content Item Getting the Most Out of Your Mambo Site demonstrates how to create multi-page content. ::


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You can extend the functionality of your Mambo site by installing new modules, components or mambots. Additional languages can also be enabled by installing language packs. Download them free of charge from the MamboXchange.